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friends laugh out loud--- i'm in all black, my color (Kathy).I am in the beret. (Eileen) You are the tall thin one, Dena!

Livin' on the lane with great food, great company and the best food. Only with All Gold.

I want to live here! "I live on Laughter. We built our home on Laughter.Meet you on Laughter.My favorite place is Laughter!

Never stop having fun

Historical Pics on

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

So Cute...

I adore this photo! I just really wish I knew what she was laughing at because it has to be super funny to get that kind of belly laugh….

I love being spontaneous and I find that life without laughter is near impossible. I love letting myself go and having fun with my family and friends. Humor is one of the best traits one can have, and life will be much more enjoyable if you're not afraid to laugh at yourself.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine, a short story to fill the environment with laughter. Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

What did one hat say to another? You stay here, Ill go on a head.

Why is laughing so fun as a kid? Playing with your family is a great way to bond through games and laughter. Paul McGhee is an expert that knows about laughter.

sevimliler sizi :)

We fool ourselves into thinking our happiness is found in large expensive things. Happiness is provided in the little things. Small acts by ordinary folk.

(9) and she fought back the giggle that tickled up from her throat

Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance and connects people emotionally.

long sleeved wrap dress

Oh god, this dress! The bikes. The kiss. Free People does a whole catalog of girls on bikes

...Best Smiles Ever .. This is true Happiness  ! .. I love it when I have laughed this hard .. feels so Good ! Wa-hoooo !

Made me smile : ) I find this picture beautiful, because I imagine two lifelong friends, who perhaps in their younger days enjoyed swimming, and they're still loving it! Their smiles are contagious : ) : )

Angel Devil

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