Nut Coated Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apples. Don’t use “dipping” chocolate for chocolate dipped apples…it’s too thin to taste through the apple.  For best results, use Belgian style Chocoley V125 Couverture Chocolate (available in bittersweet dark, semisweet dark, milk & white) OR use Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy & Molding Formula Gourmet Compound Chocolate (available in dark, milk & white). You'll love ready-to-use Chocoley Gourmet Caramel.

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Candy apples and Glow in the Dark Duck Tape plate

Candy apples and Glow in the Dark Duck Tape plate

Caramel, Chocolate and Candy Apples

Caramel, Chocolate & Candy Apples

Apple Pops- Yummy

Caramel Apple Bar - Fun for a Fall Party idea! Especially nice DIY for autumn / Thanksgiving Holiday season. Great for entertaining and fun food activity project to do with kids. Plus, a tip for how to keep apples from turning brown.

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