"Queen Honey Bee" Exclusive design by Federikas. This enchanting bee encases a large and rare topaz Czechoslovakian glass jewel.

Queen Honey Bee Vintage Filigree Jewelry Necklace by by Federikas.For The "Queen" Beekeeper ;

Fish Necklace by azreno

He's got angelfish fins but the teeth of a piranha, I love this guy! Handcrafted from polymer clay For sale here [link] Steampunk Piranha

Purple Gold Hummingbird Pendant Steampunk Watch Gear Industrial Wings | DesertRubble - Jewelry on ArtFire

A purple and gold steampunk hummingbird pendant with metal watch gears on industrial wings Handmade from polymer clay and highlighted in metallic silver purple and gold it was also antiqued

Schaef Designs Morenci Turquoise & Sterling Silver Feather Pendant | New Mexico

If you are interested in viewing attractive stones and related items, turquoise jewelry is sure to grab your interest.