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Designed complete 2012 Yearbook for Benjamin Banneker High School in Brooklyn for Interactive Publications from start to print.

STOP DOING THIS! If you take your job as a yearbooker and historian seriously, then don't even think of pulling this junk. Have some self-respect. Your faculty likes it? Fine. Do it on a division page, or a story about all the teachers on one hall who are enthusiastic about dress-up theme days and such. BUT DON'T PUT IT IN THE PORTRAIT SECTION.

I really love this picture of the teachers and staff it's such a clever idea. It is so funny this would be a really unique page I think we should totally do this. This would make the yearbook really interesting to look at.

I think this is a very cool spread. You could use this for summer vacations, spring break, or Christmas break. This is a cool representation of where people went on vacation.

Overall Design-I really like the spread showing where students went over the summer. It is an unusual spread but makes for a very interesting layout that will capture the reader's attention. Or could be an idea for a spread on foreign exchange students.

Awesome School Yearbook

Awesome School Yearbook

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