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You can’t buy fun but you can download it

everything good/remotely emo went down in 2009

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Oh Pete. Fall Out Boy and Green Day go so well together. i love green day and fall out boy and imagine i need a collab between them.

Pat Stump true secret to life is: That there is no most important part of your life. // Thank you Patrick

HahahahaahhahahahahahahHahaahhahahahahahaha! I live for that comment wow...

I watched this video and I swear I could be the commenter because I thought the exact same thing.

But this means Pete and Patrick went to go see ratatouille together lol

Okay so I just realized this was a Parks & Rec reference I'm so sorry<<< wow! Pete would've loved Rouge one!

Joe Trohman @jtrohmam ok that guy who I...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

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Petes hair looks like a dead rat here not gonna lie

I'm about to cry he's so adorable asdfghjkl I can't do this anymore this band has taken over my life entirely I can't even introduce myself to someone without asking them if they like Fall Out Boy and if they don't even know what FOB is I ask about MCR and P!ATD and if they still don't know I call them a peasant or uncultured swine and walk away... I HAVE ISSUES OK?!

It's so weird to be the only one fronting tbh because now I'm just listening to the Holy Emo Trinity which I haven't done in a while.

I fricking love how close they all are, like obviously Peterick or all that other shit isn't a thing so I just love how close they are as friends

Someone once said that band members are the gayest straight people ever and I think that is quite possibly the truest thing ever said.