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Sanlúcar la Mayor, Sevilla

Sanlúcar la Mayor, Sevilla

Teach how time was measured before clocks. Make a sundial

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Earth and Space Science Daily and Seasonal Changes Have the students create their own sun dials. They can tell time from the sun and learn how people told time back in the day. you can also tie this into a social studies lesson dealing with with any cu

Sun Clocks: Interesting TIME in Your Garden! DIY human sundials.

Build Your Own Garden Clock - Analemmatic Human Sun Clock - Sun Clocks: Interesting TIME In Your Garden!

In one of the streets in Maastricht city center there is a funny drawing on the ground, around a road sign.    The very first time I saw it...

Sundial in Maastricht. Click image for details & visit the Slow Ottawa 'Tactical Urbanism' board for more clever hacks.

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FREE Article and Instructions on How to Make Your Own Sundial! A GREAT summer activity for your kids that costs just pennies to make!

Learn how to make a sundial in 15 minutes with just a pen and paper! Perfect amateur astronomy project for kids and adults alike!

Most 12 Awesome Places Must be Seen Before you Die

Most 12 Awesome Places Must be Seen Before you Die

Milan, zodiac sundial, 1768 ~ astronomers from Accademia di Brera. Summer solstice, ray strikes tongue of bronze set in the floor; winter solstice, stretches out to meridian.

North oriented sundial

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