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Pedro Infante

Lakra, Sin título / Untitled (Pedro Infante), Ink on vintage portrait (acrylic on canvas), x 16 x Miguel Angel Pérez Santander.

Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra; su arte del tatuaje se exhibe en Nueva York

Dr Lakra inks Mexican tattoos on Japanese prints ::: Pink Tentacle Untitled (Yokohama doll)

lakra-001.jpg (1498×2259)

We all wear masks. Some are just cooler bad-asser than others.

Dr. Lakra  Art Experience NYC  www.artexperiencenyc.com

Dr. Lakra Art Experience NYC www.artexperiencenyc.com

Dr. Lakra

Lakra, is characterized by irreverent and provocative images that transgress established norms. He primarily explores the visual language of tattoo culture.

Dr. Lakra, 2003  Art Experience NYC  www.artexperiencenyc.com

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Dr. Lakra

Untitled (Yokohama doll) A hugely successful tattoo artist and illustrator, Dr Lakra is enjoying increased appreciation for his non-sk.

Tattoo baby

tattooed kewpie doll - best doll ever - I used to do this with my dolls (only the art work left something to be desired) : )