Images in the Society's archives taken during Edouard Naville's work at Ahnas/Ehnasya/Herakleopolis Magna

View of the Karnak temple precinct, gate of Ptolemy III, with the temple of Khonsu in the background. Taken around later colourised

False door from the tomb of Metjetji Period: Old Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty Reign: reign of Unis or slightly later Date: ca. includes the Serapeum, Tomb of Metjetji Medium: Limestone, paint traces

James Henry Breasted copying a hieroglyphic text in the temple of Buhen, Egypt (photo taken by Friedrich Koch in 1906 - The Oriental Institute of Chicago University)

Statuette of a Man, c. BC Egypt, Middle Kingdom, Second half Dynasty 12 to Dynasty reign of Amenemhat III or later; painted limestone, Overall - cm inches). Cleveland Museum of Art