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My mystery man who I am still yet to find.

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Pilar Zeta es una artista con base en Berlín y creadora de la multidisciplinar boutique y agencia RAD, una empresa que se dedica a todo: diseño gráfico, cover art, diseño de producto, motion graphics e ilustración, entre muchos otros servicios de arte y diseño. En el blog de Pilar podemos descubrir una de sus múltiples facetas, el collage. Unos trabajos que conjuntan hombres y mujeres, dioses y dehesas, esculturas y planetas, estrellas y naturaleza sazonados con formas geométricas de trazo…

Pilar Zeta - Falling in love with the Dark side of the universe [found at showslow & Amanda Jane Jones]

Moon love

This is amazing. It's like 'we could have every single piece of hapiness in this world and you ruined it, i hate you' I Hate You, Kiss Me, Graphics Art, Collage

Saatchi Art Artist: Joe Webb; Photography 2012 Collage "Absent Minded" saatchiart.com

Absent Minded Collage by Joe Webb

Into the Drained Pool by Margarita Georgiadis Joe Webb "Absent Minded" Saatchi Online Artist jenny Cottingham;

gifs james r. eads the glitch mis gafas de pasta04

wow! los gifs alucinantes de james r. eads y the glitch

The result of a collaboration of artist James R Eads and animator Chris McDaniel, Illusions, is a rare example of visionary art being translated beautifully between two mediums.

Nyx, goddess of night - A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). Her appearances are sparse in surviving mythology, but reveal her as a figure of such exceptional power and beauty, that she is feared by Zeus himself. She is found in the shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses.

“Do not despise your own place and hour. Every place is under the stars, every place is the centre of the world. Art: Stellarscape by Oriol Angrill Jordà


"Cuando abrazo a otras personas, el cielo es claro; pero cuando te abrazo a ti, salen las estrellas." - When I hug other people, the sky is clear ; but when I hug you, the stars come out

Webelos Artist req#10. Create a collage about you. have them bring in a pic of themselves, then collage things they like on top...

Extraordinary Collage Art from Paper Strips