" But occasionally I've been known to smash" wtf was sards smashing and from what we know her hammer can change forms and even be a drill

My beautiful, terrifying, amazing, funny, and ultimately Homeworld-devastating cornchip queen

stevenuniverse, peridot

stevenuniverse, peridot <((*bodyslams Lars he's a dipass that should've been drowned by Malachite* and I just hate his guts so damn much and. I just really hate him a lot okay))>

"peridot throwing some srs shade."

"peridot throwing some srs shade."

This is my favorite thing on the Internet

This is my favorite thing on the Internet

Avatar and su crossover!!


Steven Universe Meets Avatar, and I'm pretty sure their Myers Briggs match up. I definitely know zuko and lapis are INFP and Steven and Aang are ENFP.

"Origin of Jasper" >>>>> woah<<that would be so cool if it was the story of two lovers and how THIS happened

"Origin of Jasper"

"Origin of Jasper" >> not sure if I believe the Fusion Jasper theory so far or not, but I definitely find it interesting!

Steven Universe: The Last Gembender by Neodusk on DeviantArt

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xD "Most" of this is great. I liked it better as an AU Crossover thingy than Connie directing something, but whatever>> "A bi-sexual girl" *cough* HE MENT KORRA *cough*