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WEDNESDAY: ART! Gregory Colbert is one of the most inspiring person to have ever lived. Born in 1960 in Toronto, he is a Canadian film-maker and photographer, but he is so much more than just a fil…

Gregory Colbert: Nature’s living masterpieces

© Gregory Colbert, 1960-

"When compassion awakens in your heart, you are able to be more honest with yourself." ~ Mingyur Rinpoche By: Gregory Colbert Daydreaming about Ashes and Snow lis

Gregory ColbertAshes and Snow by Canadian artist Gregory Colbert  Ashes and Snow is an installation of photographic artworks, films, and a novel in letters. The work explores the shared poetic sensibilities of human beings and animals.

"Ashes and Snow" by Gregory Colbert (Ashes and Snow, movie and photograph series)

loveisspeed.......: art of photography by Gregory Colbert....ashes and snow...

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Playing with mirrors…

Funny pictures about Playing with mirrors. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with mirrors. Also, Playing with mirrors.

ashes and snow - photography by ... Gregory Colbert

Ashes and Snow - a lovely image from Gregory Colbert's 2005 cinematic masterpiece © Gregory Colbert