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Hehe, this is actually pretty accurate because almost 90% of the time I fall asleep in the car

wouldnt he be falling asleep too a beautiful person needs there beauty sleep its just what has the fandom gone too?

He was still in the bathtub, so he missed it.

He was still in the bathtub, so he missed it. But we love him and of course the rest of the boys xxx ♡

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction! This is not just another fan rumor, its real, he left Under stress of cheating on his girlfriend (he didn't) he left. Saying he just wanted to live a normal 22 year old life out of the spotlight.


hes just so incredably beautiful u just go like wtf is he doin to our ovaries ?

When I need a laugh I just watch the part where Harry is screaming over and over again its hilarious

One Direction - Fireworks in the X Factor :), "Now make me some food. I'm starving.


Zayn Malik This Is Us - Press Conference Aug. those eyes, that hair, the facial hair. All three are going to be the death of me.