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Capsula Mundi - a new vision for cemetries {The project, called Capsula Mundi, envisions cemeteries full of trees instead of tombstones. Capsula Mundi is the name of the coffin design. It shall be an egg shaped container made of starch and plastic. The coffin will be 100% biodegradable. Bodies will be placed in the fetal position and a seed, a seed chosen by the deceased in life, will be planted on top of the capsule }

Capsula Mundi biodegradable burial pod: Egg-shaped burial pods feed the trees and turn cemeteries into forests - , I saw you posted something like this. I love this idea

Val Saxer of Stardust Art uses layers and layers of acrylic paint and mixed media inclusions to create shimmering, vibrant effects. Her latest interest is in resin which imparts a shiny, almost liquid feel to her artwork.

The Festival Cremation Ash Painting in large is a beautiful painting on canvas. The artist creates a custom work of art as they combine a small portion of your loved ones ashes with the painting, creating an eye-catching visual memorial for your beloved.

Dark tree with sun rays, such a beautiful combination. rays of reflection by `ssilence on deviantART

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astronomicalwonders: “Solar Eruptions - A Coronal Mass Ejection The swirling inner layers of our sun cause charged particles to generate magnetic fields. As charges accumulate on the surface, magnetic.

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