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A vida é difícil, Luke...

Funny pictures about Poor Luke Skywalker. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Luke Skywalker. Also, Poor Luke Skywalker photos.

17 Awesome rejected Star Wars products -

17 Weird Examples of Star Wars Merchandise - star wars merchandise, weird star wars

Back in 1998 - Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise Concepts <----- why on earth would someone reject this idea! I WANT THIS!

So tired of your crap, Anakin. Star Wars: How it should have ended (Not actual HISHE)

So tired of your shit, Anakin.

I couldn't have end like that clause a light saber has to be held to be able to be on

Ha ha ha

Calvin & Hobbes style Star Wars: The Force Awakens - love this Calvin and Hobbes/Star Wars crossover!

STAR WARS Production Photos - The Originals Vs. The Prequels. Love the prequels, (I luv all of them) but......I like the feel of the originals more.

Funny pictures about Start Wars: Prequels vs. Oh, and cool pics about Start Wars: Prequels vs. Also, Start Wars: Prequels vs.

it gets me everytime

You don't feel the feels of the 'Anakin vs Obi-wan' fight scene if u haven't seen the clone wars

Jango in a whole new light. But I knew all of these already

Jango in a whole new light. But I knew all of these already. I love his first ship a lot better than Slave 1 as classic as the firespray class is.

The Star Wars Infographic  May the Fourth be with you!

The Star Wars Infographic

Star Wars art

Star Wars Art - Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Clone Troopers, Boba Fett, Yoda (again) and Darth Vader. Yoda and Anakin both made it on twice! ( only Anakin's second time is in the iconic Darth Vader suit).