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I love this more than I love life at the moment.

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Don't let people label you. Transgender people are exactly who they say they are.

Delacorte Theatre's production of Twelfth Night with Audra MacDonald and Anne Hathaway (2009)

Audra McDonald, Anne Hathaway and Raul Esparza in "Twelfth Night", which opens the latest "Shakespeare in the Park" season. Photograph by Brigitte Lacombe.THIS PICTURE

Know your rights when it comes to transgender gym and locker room issues. Follow these tips to stay safe and be comfortable while exercising at the gym.

Transgender at the Gym: Tips and Experiences for the Gym and Locker Room

What I have below this line is none of your business, nor does it make me any less of a man.

<< I'm cisgendered, and people who think trans men aren't men make me sick (the same with female counterparts)

Lol<<<taking off your binder is one of the best feelings in the world, trust me

I really want a binder and a haircut but (super) curly hair is hard to cut and pass as a guy

I might've posted this already, but oh well.

getting actually called “ma’am” and just pretending they said “man” instead

"A transgender story: My daughter, my son" #transgender #trans

A transgender story: My daughter, my son

"A transgender story: My daughter, my son" this made me cry. It's hard as a trans kid to see what your parents go through when trying to accept what we have known all along.

The FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a (Hot) Dude

The FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a (Hot) Dude

Words that are transphobic and why

Introducing The Ultimate Guide For Not Sounding Like A Jerk When Talking To Trans Folk

Words that are Transphobic from UC Davis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center.

The con of Binding by Malignant-Narcissism

The con of Binding by Malignant-Narcissism << the binder is probably too small then. Measurement mishaps happen all the time though, you should just make sure to buy the right size because a too-small binder can cause a lot of damage

The Science of Gay

Because theories and studies are always intriguing Homophobic people should READ THIS! Are You Gay? Here's A Bunch Of Science Facts About It To Help You Check. "If you think being gay is a choice, then I would like to recommend you read this.

The bi’s are coming and we’re gonna take over

I really dont know where to pinthis, so i'll make another folder>>> Lol but this literally summarized my sexuality. Well, it would be if they included well dressed neither men nor woman ( I'm pansexual if you can't tell)