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Baja la imagen muy rápido y lo veras

Colorgasm scrolling: super long rainbow laser beam by Nina Geometrieva.

These Rainbow-Colored Transparent Ants Are What They Eat

These Rainbow-colored Transparent Ants Are What They Eat

Very Cool! This could be a fun science fair project for kids!

Both! If you turn the picture upside down you see an old woman but right side up you see a young woman.

optical illusion - turn your device upside down to see the old lady.

Fun animation - click the word "GIF" on the lower left of image to preview it here on Pinterest

I... watched for a while.

The machine: People just have that amount of time to make this happen.

When the on computer work is due in 5 minutes

These are memes from the musical Hamilton. I don't own anythi… Random

We all know GIFs are images set in a motion loop, but many of these moving images have a short story to tell, and we can somewhat tell that there is an “end” at a certain point before i…

This gif reminded me of Zireael travelling between worlds

Tunnel to Infinity - The Meta Picture

These spare, psychedelic, and hypnotic animations are fine art pieces of the internet. Don& let these next-level animated gifs lull you into a trance with their infinite loops.


Superb Eye-Catching Geometric GIFs

The geometrical GIFs by Florian de Looij

Ease on down the road.

Just merrily skipping down a long and lonesome road

Literally Just 21 Weirdly Satisfying Pictures

Literally Just 21 Weirdly Satisfying Pictures

This stack of colour. 31 Deeply Satisfying Pictures For Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Stationery

Tears in my eyes. | 24 Pictures That Will Make Your Life Whole Again

Tears in my eyes.

20 Pictures That Can Satisfy Every Perfectionist

Mind blowing posters

via Muzli design inspiration. “Mind blowing posters” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Cat Flip Book

Cat Flip Book by matthieu scanlon. flip book sur un épais bloc de post-it

A magic trick direct from the master himself, Harry Houdini, in a book published posthumously by his estate.

Try to Draw This

i literally figured it out in 30 seconds

calming cat [GIF] by Thomas Bognerhttp://dribbble.com/shots/1168363-calming-cat-GIF?list=debuts  http://vimeo.com/bogner

calming cat [GIF]

Calming cat is a surprisingly calming cat.

These blue lines look like they’re moving in pairs. | 17 Mind-Mangling Optical Illusion GIFs

Don`t Believe Your Eyes: Nifty Optical Illusions