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Tom Benedict

Scissors by t.

Hopscotch in the courtyard

Here's a really, really long game of hopscotch. Funny don't you think?

Brown dish and a brown pair of scissors.

Hand-forged, hand-sharpened copper scissors made by Tajika Haruo Ironworks in Japan, (bowl)

My father had an aneurism while dealing with the huge tubs of rusty nails, screws, and metal scraps.

I often wonder about the inventor of scissors.

Collection of hand-wrought century scissors mounted on old tobacco drying racks by antiques dealer Sandra Mackintosh

Parveen Scissors

Parveen Scissors

Parveen hand forged scissors made in India by a family that has been making scissors for generations. The blades are hand forged carbonized steel and the handles are cast brass.