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Beautiful Cheetahs ♥ Photographer - Unknown Like / Share - Precious World

A moment of affection between a cheetah and her cub. Lisa Hoffner photographed the scene while on safari in the Masai Mara Nature Preserve in Kenya. She wrote, “It was rewarding to witness the bond between mother and baby as they gently groomed each other.”

An affectionate moment between a mother cheetah and her cub. Photo by Lisa Hoffner.

See photos and watch video of three adorable cheetah cubs and their first-time mother named Milani, who gave birth to them Sept. 19 at the Metro Richmond Zoo.

What is that???

A Cheetah: Classified as: 'Vulnerable' on The International Union for Conservation of Nature list & threatened on The U. Endangered Species Act. The Asiatic subspecies is critical.

Your favorite wild animal. ~ Cheetahs are the fastest running animals on the planet, have a strong familial affection and are stunning, spiritual creatures.

Cheetah family

Cheetah mother and her cubs photographed a late afternoon at Masai Mara, Kenyaby Andrea Marzorati. Beautiful Creatures of Nature. Out of africa. Living on the wild side.


An African folk tale says the black stripes on a cheetah's face are tears; they cry because they are not like other big cats. (Nope, they're not --- Cheetahs are the fastest! So, no need for tears, pal.