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Fantastic fantasy chess set - 32 pieces

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In the style of my animal sculptures, I have made a chess set. I am a local San Francisco ceramic artist who has been creating ceramic pieces for 20

Garden Creatures Chess Set -bee, fly, ant, spider,lady bug - green and black

Indian ivory chess set at Kedleston Hall

Indian ivory chess set at Kedleston Hall These ivory chess pieces and chess board were sent by Sir William Rumbold Bt. from Calcutta (Kolkata) as a gift to Felicite, Lady Scarsdale in December

'Blade Runner' chess set - any value? - Chess.com

Newbie here. Clearing out my parents' house today in the UK and came across a chess set that has been in their roof for at least 30 years. I reckon they bought it in around 1978 It.

Haida #Chess Set, Pieces by Derek C. Heaton, Photo by Wallace Koopmans

I recently took some photographs for two artists who produce some incredable pieces. The chess boards were made by Marcel Daigneault while the Haida mythological themed chess pieces were cast from.