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Hehehe Not ashamed to admit it. Though Mike comes at a close second.

Out of nightgaurds, yes. But marionette is my favorite animatronic/doll thing

HAHAHAHAHAHA I love how the Internet is always making fun of the justgirlythings tumblr!

Five Nights At Freddy's. - Thank you for the compliment, Purple Man.

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Every time a guy teases my friend, the teacher tells him not to, but when my friend punches him as a response to the teasing, nobody says anything.

Poor Jeremy by The-Blood-Teller on DeviantArt

Poor Jeremy by The-Blood-Teller on DeviantArt. Lol if this was what really happened that would be cool.

Vincent (Purple Guy) has Aichmophobia <<<< So do I. Ever since I was like, 4, I just was SO against shots. Like, even today I still just avoid shots and stuff much as I can, 'cause is just can get over my fear of NEEDLES FREAKING PIERCING MY BODY, OPENING UP WAYS FOR TERRIBLE DISEASES TO GET INTO MY BODY. THE FACT THAT IT HURTS AND THAT YOU BLEED DOESN'T REALLY HELP MUCH EITHER.

Vincent (Purple Guy) has Aichmophobia<<<<<Wait how did he kill the kids if he would be to afraid to have and sharp weapon. did he just strangle them or something?

Dance vincent dance<<<can we just say they both look so cute in chibi?

Dance vincent dance<<<can we just say they both look so cute in chibi?<<< he dance perfectly with dundundundun dun

Five Nights at Freddy's Dancing!

Vincent was such a lovely child. Crashing his parents dancing stuff