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The host club

30 day anime challenge: day one. The first anime I ever watched was Ouran High School Host Club. I love this so much I cant even form words.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club

The Hitachiin Twins Hikaru and Kaoru- Ouran High School Host Club They are my absolute fav. Twins and my fav. in this Anime ♥

Besides, they occasionally break the fourth wall -- and it's more comedy than anything. XD LVE OURAN

Ouran High School Host Club is one of my favorites just for this reason and plus they're like self aware, Tamaki was leaning on the freaking subtitle box for crying out loud XD

Well it happens quite often so they have gotten used to it

Ouran High School Host Club - the Hitachiin twins are true friends :D But then why isn't Tamaki in their friends and family plan in their phones like Haruhi.

Hikaru x Kaoru . Ouran Host Club

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Ouran Host Club by kinozie on deviantART

Ouran Host Club by kinozie on deviantART Tamaki, you must get those shady twins away from Haruhi! And of course Mori-Senpai is carrying them all.

omg, the twins are so protective of Haruhi, got to love the twins.

They’re so protective of Haruhi! I love the twins!