Surrealism and Visionary art

Surrealism and Visionary art

Psychedelic Trippy Art Fabric Cloth Rolled Wall Poster Print -- Size: x Poster printed on High quality SILK FABRIC CLOTH. Nicer than Paper Poster, can preserve in a long period. Rolled and Shipped in Steady Tube.

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Mushrooms and Caterpillar Blacklight UV reactive tapestry / fabric poster // 23" x 28" // black light // trippy wall hanging

Good Kitten

Good Kitten

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Iain Crawford

High speed photography requires tons of patience and accuracy, and a London-based photographer Iain Crawford clearly has enough of both. For his Paint photo

Raffaello Ossola Vast as the Heavens, Deep as the Sea — DOP

The Door Of Perception is an ever-growing compilation of things that talk to me on a deep level.

systém učí, že se člověk vyklubal z opice.. církev učí, že člověka stvořil bůh k obrazu svému- z hlíny a prachu- nejprve Muže, a potom, aby mu nebylo smutno, vytvořil mu družku Ženu- z jeho vlastního žebra (jako žebračku)...??? (poté, co Adama opustila jeho První "žebračka" Lilith...???)..

‘Initiation’ – The serpentine path of death, transformation & change… This painting is the culmination of recent teachings received on many journeys to visit Serpent.