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Gilbert's Arc // My poor favourite Bloodborne npc :'( There will always be a special place in my heart for this guy

Gilbert's Arc / BloodBorne Game Loved the guy wished it didn't end the way it did

Cleric Beast from Bloodborne

A greater daemon awaits an ambush, these powerful beasts, when not chosen or adherent to a Prince can become wild and unpredictable monsters, able to enter the physical plane on their own strength alone

Bloodborne Pixel Artist: @Cannonbreed Source:

Polycount Forum - View Single Post - PIXEL ART: Pixel art from bloodborne. This is the Cleric Beast. Cool monster design in a video game.

The Little Girl Arc by jeza-red (i wish there was a way to save her...)

The Little Girl Arc by jeza-red It reminds me of yang and raven for some reason