sea slug

Fake - "Sea Slug" -- This is a computer-generated fractal named "Electric Sea Cucumber" by tygr.

my favorite species of nudibranch! It looks like a tiny sea giraffe with its cute little beady eyes!

Donut sea slug from Bali, Indonesia, by Alexander Mustard

Donut Nudibranch, white, with fine black & yellow rings. From Bali, Indonesia. Pic by Alexander Mustard.

Hypselodoris agassizii

East Pacific from Galapagos Ids, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico.

Beautiful Seacreature, Nudibranch

Funny pictures about Amazing Blue Sea Slug. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Blue Sea Slug. Also, Amazing Blue Sea Slug.

Nudibranch (Hypselodoris bennetti)... love this coloration

Nudibranch by Dermal Denticles via ferrebeekeeper: Gastropod mollusks - Range: shallow intertidal surf to Most are benthic seafloor dwellers, but some float upside down at ocean's surface or swim in water column.