Ian Bradley

"Hello, my name is Scythe. I'm 18 and pansexual. I'm not much for monogamy. My dad is a funeral director. That makes me pretty close to death. I'm also pretty good at dancing.

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Bodybuilding Diet

Froy Gutierrez // Hey Im Jordi Guerrero. I play soccer and skate. I live for Cheetos and cartoon network. Im really loud and kooky because im always excited and can always find the good in a bad situation.

Pedro Bartolini  God im in love

(Pedro Bartolini) "If he had snow white hair he would look like Fenris.

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i highly doubt andrew would wear this hat but everything else

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I hate that feeling when I'm hit with emotion At an unexpected time. I smell that soap from pre-k and think of that teacher I loved and during nap time how I (Bottle Photography People)