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Dillon Summerfield | Character inspiration

Hot, handsome and shadow hunters image on We Heart It

Justin Sterling by Fanny Latour-Lambert

Up and comer Justin Sterling with Major Models in Paris builds up his portfolio with a portrait series by Fanny Latour-Lambert.

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He is so handsome. I thought about perfect everytime I saw his picture!

GIOVANE  BELLO E DANNATO il destino di colui che non  Riesce a custodire nella sua  Bellezza il suo animo buono La sua vera essenza È destinato a essere  Dannato per sempre  Regalando solo una visione Agli occhi Ma niente emozioni nel cuore.  Lella  Oяiginal Facebook Fan Page

Brandon Nardini The second swordsmen, Ferron, when he was younger, heard tales of the three beautiful princesses living alone up on the hill, abandoned and orphaned.

Neels Visser by Jabari Jacobs.

((Neels Visser)) "I am Neels Smith. I am bipolar and have frequent episodes of anger. I have been restrained a lot because I just blow up. I promise I am very loving. I am 19 and bisexual.

F O L L O W ☆

F O L L O W ☆