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Comics Undertale - traje super cool

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I'm always late with updates I hope I will have enough time and determination to continue this story. Now I'm going to paint my last commission, and then I will take a little break ;w;&n...

Undertale Lyric Comic: I'll Fight - Gosh, this is beautiful! And it features a happy, helpful Chara.

I just realized I was reading that with the voices dodger gave them. XD

Can't believe this is real

Undertale, papyrus, Sans << just noticed Frisk and Sans are watching little monsters

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I read this a million times and I swear my friend made this just for me to see it. She knows I hate puns <<<< You hate puns? Back to comic.if they meet, Chara may be a good person, I think.

their lullaby (underfell) by Bunnymuse on DeviantArt

Just felt like drawing AU's the gaster gang came from and sans and papyrus. (LEFT--->RIGHT) undertale (toby fox) underswap ( underfell(.

This is so amazing! The best part was that I read Sans and Papyrus' voices in Dan and Phil's voices.

This is so amazing! The best part was that I read Sans and Papyrus' voices in…

When you're adopted by a family and each of them bring you to school a different way. Sans, papyrus, undyne, mettaton, flowey

Freshly baked meme for you

Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton and Flowey dropping Frisk off at school. I'm not sure whether Undyne making car noises or the children's reaction to Mettaton is more entertaining.

RUN! SANS RUN!!! -- I was actually having depression before I read this. Thanks, Sans! ^^

Papyrus calm down its just a good pun. Even though it was really dumb it made frisk happy.

Sans grief, really hit me in the feels

Sans grief, really hit me in the feels<<<I nearly cried reading this