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During the Muslim occupation of Spain, there were men who boldly risked their lives to preach the gospel. Men like Eulogius did not conform, in 850 AD the Muslims began to persecute Christians because some had spoken against Mohammed and converted Muslims to Christianity. They imprisoned the bishop and priests of Cordoba, including Eulogius. In jail, he read the Bible to his companions, exhorting them to be faithful. He was beheaded by the Muslim Moors in 859. His remains are at the…

Eulogius of Cordoba, Roman Catholic Priest and Martyred priest of Cordoba, Spain, slain by the Moors. He was one of the Martyrs of Córdoba. He flourished during the reigns of the Cordovan emirs Abd-er-Rahman II and Muhammad I.

Ruth Provencal is a devout Catholic whose favorite phrase when saying goodbye has now thrust her into controversy.

NH Volunteer Says She Was Fired For Saying 'God Bless You' At Polls

Ruth Provencal is a devout Catholic whose favorite phrase when saying goodbye (God Bless You) has now thrust her into controversy.

Free Zone Media Center News: Gov. Scott Walker refuses to take down religious t...

Scott Walker believes he can do all things through Christ, but an atheist group charges that he cannot do all things through Christ on his official social media platforms.

Atheists demand Army back out of National Day of Prayer

Military Religious Freedom Foundation Calls for Pentagon to Bar Servicemembers from Prayer Event

Patti Maguire Armstrong: Confession:  I Never Liked the St. Monica Story

“Feast of Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine. Patroness of wives, mothers, and non-Christian children.

Pope St. Peter Celestine, the last Roman Pontiff to resign.

Celestine Pope, monk and hermit who founded the order of the Celestines. In he was elected Pope in the Catholic Church's last non-conclave papal election ending a two-year impasse.