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Selena with the cast of 13 Reasons Why at the Reasons Why” premiere in Los Angeles, California.

Selena Gomez with 13 reasons why's cast


dinner with the cast and our incredibly gracious boss Selena Gomez. What a pleasure spending some time with such a beautiful soul. can’t wait for everyone to check out what we cooked up

I have an identical twin. If only I could meet Team 10

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Omg lol......this was actually based off of a sad commercial......

This hot guy I saw at park city who was so amazing with children at Build a Bear omgoodness he was SO FINE

Seriously, people. There are even more I could add to that list...

Taylor writes about feelings just like every other great artists in this world. Yet you only see her flaws and insists on listening to offensive rap musics. Stop this bigotry.

I'm part of the BromieOmie fam for life

I'm part of the BromieOmie fam for life <<<< I hear their voice everywhere I go