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xD  but also T_T for Philip

My Lord Alexander what were you thinking letting your 19 year old son go fight some guy to the death smh


Mine is in “quiet uptown” when he “spends hours in the garden” and the quote from the attached letter is HILARIOUS. Like, ur mourning ur sons death and STILL throwin shade at T.

Modern Hamilton would be epic.

Modern Hamilton would be epic.>>> or incredibly annoying (or ever both at the same time)

I'm not crying you're crying

I'm not crying you're crying

He's a goddamn islander kid! He didn't survive a hurricane to just up and die on some stupid shit like this happening in the Hudson!   God I love Hamilton.

This is totally what happened in Percy Jackson XD<< OMG Ham was probably like, "Stupid redcoats aren't smart enough to kill me.

we welcome your brother to an amazing fandom

we welcome your brother to an amazing fandom<<<Same man. My brother is obsessed with right hand man and you'll be back.


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