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Que así sea !

"Stay with the one who kisses you like crazy, that makes love to you like pervertedly, that treats you like a lady and loves you like an idiot" hell yea cause this is the real and honest LOVE!

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Es tan estúpido que no se da cuenta de ello, ni lo valoró

Yes man

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Love quotes in español my new favorite thing! (And this quote is really good too:p it translates to "It is ideal to have the heart in your head and your brain in your chest. So we can think with love and we can love with intelligence.

Ella encendió la música para apagar un rato su vida... Qué bonito por favor! La música parte fundamental de la vida #musica #vida #on

She turned up the music so she could shut out reality if only for a little while.


I am Not Your Friend. I am your parent. My mom was saying this to me long before it became popular. I was so envious of my friends' parents even though even back then I thought they were a little slow. Sixty years later I'm glad my mom was ON IT !

Amen! Good true solid advice. Jesus, if you listen gives an answer for every situation we go through.

Woow una imagen jamás me habia representado tan exactamente♥