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Navidad 7

Ways to outsmart your cats with these unique cat-proof Christmas tree ideas.

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Amazing Funny and Cool Animals

Señor Gato

Mexican cat friend of Speedy Gonzales

You can help kittens and cats right now!

The beauty of the black cat with golden eyes is unforgettable.

crescentmoon animalia : Photo

Two Black Barn Cats Checking Things Out From the Barn Window.


Cats are irresistibly sweet but sometimes their behavior irritates us completely. However, it turns out that their sometimes annoying behavior is one way of showing us their genuine affection. Here are the ten ways in which your cat says: "I love you!

Fun With Statues (25 Pics) | Pleated-Jeans.com

30 People Who Saw A Statue and Knew They Needed an Epic Photo

When I first saw a photo of this creature I thought for sure it was a fictional head and face pasted onto an orangutan.

Nature Photobook

Climbing a brick wall with a kitten. um Hey it's Spidercat!

Canada Lynx and Kitten

Earth Pics on

Canada lynx mom and kitten