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Suck It, Banksy: The Geeky Street Art of OakOak [Art] - ComicsAlliance

OakOak, a French street artist is back with more of his signature clever and witty street art pieces. Each of his illustrations constitutes a sly little urban intervention meant to brighten and interact with its surroundings.

24 More Clever And Playful Street Art Ideas By OakOak

A post looks like the Empire State Building. With a few paper cutouts by French street artist OakOak, it becomes a scene from the 1933 movie King Kong. I suspect that this time, Kong won't last as long.Link -via Street Art Utopia.


We already talked about the French street artist OaKoAk ("Funny Street Art by OakoAk", but also here and here) and his funny urban hijacks.

street art milano

"Sopra il sotto" manholes of Milan

Street art by Oakoak

Inspirujący street art

The city is just one giant playground for French street artist OaKoAk. Walking around French cities looking for his next canvas, it's normally not too long a wait - all he needs is a small imperfectio.

Banksy is back on a movie hype, announcing his new documentary film.

Clever new street art from OakOak

Clever New Street Art from OakOak

Street artist OakOak doesn’t look for an empty wall when seeking a canvas for his creations. In fact, it’s the structures that jut out of the wall and the imperfect cracks and peels that OakOak uses to form his creative scenes.

@street.art.club Reposted from @streetartnews

@street.art.club Reposted from @streetartnews


The American artist Joe Iurato magnifies his paintings with talent and sense of composition. Using small wooden figures he carves and paints, he joined them in

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Pen-pusher by day, street art superhero by night, St Etienne sensation OakOak’s playful diversions are sure to bring a smile to your face.

OakOak cartoon street art

Kreskówkowe miasto

This creative street art by artist Oakoak uses its urban surroundings to it's advantage. Originally Oakoak created these clever characters and murals on city

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Awesome Art Photos) chalk art Street Art And Graffiti In Cork creative amazing art

Disney Street Art

A series of temporary graffiti in Stockholm entitled "Dark Princesses," street artist Herr Nilsson imagined Disney's lovely heroines having a sinister side…