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My Favorite Doctor Who Moment Of All Time

no, hold on, sorry that's the lion king --- This is possibly my favorite Doctor Who moment ever

"Does sarcasm help?" "Wouldn't it be a great universe if it did?" | #doctorwho #twelve #riversong

They were spectacular together! Ripped my guts out, of course, but that's what this show does.

She doesn't say he isn't one.  <<< because she knows he's a madman with a box

"I absolutely trust him" I love how she doesn't answer the madman question! Because she knows that he is indeed a madman, but she trusts him non the less!

Doctor Oswald. But you can call me Clara.

I felt like the Doctor in this episode, but also laughed because I agreed with Clara in thinking the Doctor was sometimes quite pretentious

River Song/Melody Pond

River Song, my all-time favorite character because no one can top her sassy bad-ass attitude ; I identify with River(MJ) I identify with her

The look on River's face is great too...

He goes from "OMG, you're my best friends' daughter!" to "OMG, you're my best friends' daughter!--doctor who

Both hearts breaking ❤❤

And now I will sit in a corner and cry.<<Can I join?<< Is there room for another?<<Make space because I'm joining too!<<I'm just going to sit here with you and cry now.<<<what about rose? A Thousand years since he lost her. << Don't even bring Rose in.