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THEY'RE TARGETING FANDOMS!!! Don't just pin it. Go go Google, search for how to contact the FBI or CIA. Go to their websites and report this threat. They're talking about organized cyber terrorism. It's not okay. We may be able to stop them, but not alone and not just by pinning it everywhere. Speak to the proper authorities.

Signal boost this, everyone. People who are suffering from depression and self harm are being targeted, and there are confirmed deaths. On New Year's Day, these haters are planning on hacking and attacking anyone and everyone. Warn everyone!

it works. umm

This worked for me lol - CRAZY! Who even thought of this! I'll remember this next time I go to the dentist.

Benefit Lumberlatch... next time I have to wear a name tag this is going on it XD

Your Benedict Cumberbatch name! Apparently I'm Backitup Thundercats. my name is literally telling the Thundercats to back it up haha :)

Tilt the screen love, I'm here <3

quote depression suicidal suicide beautiful i love you self harm ed positive stayingpositiveandhappy

Just think...people somewhere sometime is having a tougher life then you are.

This is so true and so sad please repost if u don't want more bullying to happen to people

Seriously I've been telling my parents that there should be a "children's" day for my whole life and there is one!

Son and daughter day is forgotten. There is a father's day,mother's day,and a daughter's day,but no sons day?

I do draw some lines...but I want to see your questions...and don't get too personal for your own sake...

Pinning this on The Elder Scrolls cuz it's my biggest board. Ask mwah anything you would like, and your question shall be answered!