Art by Peter Andrew Jones

exonauts: “ martinlkennedy: “ Peter Jones - Perry Rhodan Escape to Venus from his restrospective art book ‘Solar Wind’ ” ”

PETER ANDREW JONES - art for Escape to Venus (Perry Rhodan 15) by Clark Darlton - 1975 Orbit Books

Publication: Escape to Venus Authors: Clark Darlton Year: ISBN: Publisher: Orbit Cover: Peter Jones

The Science Fiction Gallery : Photo

Publication: The Fabulous Riverboat Authors: Philip José Farmer Year: ISBN: Publisher: Panther Cover: Peter Jones

Starfighter, aka "Thunderfighter," Earth Defense Directorate. (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - 1979) Paul Peters, art direction; William Stout, concept art.

The Starfighter from Buck Rogers. This was originally proposed to be the Viper for Battlestar Galactica, and the concept was reused for Buck Rogers.