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You, yes you ... You're cute  ❤ Harry Styles

imagine:harry thinks your gourgous so he looks at you like this.then you take the camera off of your face then kisses the camera then in the video of this he keeps looking back at you because he fell in love


Omg love u Harry I went to the concert last night you guys are soooo awesome

Perfection. How can girls not think this is hot ?!?!? I srsly believe if they met him in real life they will be speechless from his perfection <3<3<3 luv him xo

So, I'm gonna start another imagine, I really want to do a dark Harry one. Who wants one? the first person to reply to this gets one!

Harry looking majestic.<<< This is a great photo, too. It has an awesome vibe to it! I absolutely LOVE this picture! ❤

So Styles apparently u have a long lost twin. But I seriously stared at it for 5 minutes wondering if that was u or not because ur a packers fan not a colts. But I still can't tell.

Since a lot of you guys were asking for my twitter, its @ directioner_ljs

I wonder who this young gentleman may be. It couldn't be Harry Styles. (trying to find sarcastic button on keyboard, but cannot.