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This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can pull off, and it can easily be done last minute. Sim costumes allow you to wear absolutely.

The Sims

Sims logic

The Sims' logic. Hahaha 'loved one dies, continues making waffles'

I don't even play this game... But that is frakking hilarious!

The Sims Career Ladder

The Sims career ladder. SO TRUE. I can't stop laughing. Especially the hugging and asking to dance part. And the part where they can't step over plates. I love sims logic.

Because the Sims are chill like that.

Sim humor *My little brother wins a baseball game and someone screams Woohoo! I laugh my butt off while people stare at me like I'm crazy.

The Sims horror movie. HILARIOUS. not gonna lie, I laughed waaay too hard at this

Sims Horror Movie

The Sims horror movie. not gonna lie, I laughed waaay too hard at this. But I'd pay to see this at a movie theater lol

Tumblr is on drugs

His eyes say "bedroom" but his hands say "hospital" lmao the things you find playing The Sims

Sims 3 logic

Sims 3 logic

Sims logic<<< can we just talk about the one with the Supernatural reference?

Be my roommate hahahaha

Not quite sure if I'm promoting this guy as a roommate by pinning this but really I just think that it's funny and creative. I hope you find a wonderful roommate.

Yeah... but seriously though I pretty much never have a computer in my sims houses anymore it gets out of hand

Gets mad when a Sim plays computer games after the fun bar is filled Has been Playing The Sims for 7 hours straight

I'm dying, this is so true and hilarious at the same time!

The taking three hours to create the family is so true. I love when a fire starts everyone in the house yells at it.

Imgur Post - Imgur

Imgur Post - Imgur

Disney Princesses As Superheros

Disney Princesses As Superheros-- Aurora? as the Pink Ranger / Ariel as Black Widow / Mulan as Xena / Pocahantas as Katniss / Rapunzel as Sailor Moon / Snow White as Wonder Woman. Maybe the pink one is Tiana's sister?

The 29 Weirdest Things Ever To Happen When Playing The Sims

The 29 Weirdest Things Ever To Happen When Playing The Sims