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This is Freddy, he was adopted by Chris two weeks ago. He is just the cutest thing, Freddy loves to run around the house singing and dancing. He also loves to play with Naomi and her pup Sunflower.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Mangle/ Foxy/ Chica/ Balloon Boy/ Toy Freddy/ Freddy/ Golden Fredfy/ Toy Bonnie/ Toy Chica/ Bonnie/ Poppet

Five Night at Freddy's  I love this, but I wonder what happen when a little kid saw this...

Full view of my foxy cosplay at AWA 2014 FAQ: Q:Will you make me one? i am no longer constructing costumes for the five nights of freddys. A: 

You are the leader of the group, Freddy Fazbear himself. You like to take a slow approach on things, observing your surroundings before reacting. You have a good knack at understanding how people think and reacting accordingly. People tend to keep a careful eye on you, however, as they never quite know what exactly you're up to. Sometimes you're really good at surprising people. Often the last one to react to a situation, but amongst all of your friends, you tend to have the correct reaction…

Which Five Night At Freddy's Character Are You?