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Isadora Duncan, dancer, died when her long scarf caught on the wheel of a car, breaking her neck. [List of unusual deaths - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

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41 Historic Photos That Are So Rare, You Might Have Missed Them

This says it all ...

A small white boy touches the riot shield of a black state trooper at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Atlanta, Georgia, 1992 Hard to believe this was taken Raising children in hate.

This is one of our favorite WWII photos. Taken in 1945, it shows thousands of troops pulling in to NY Harbor aboard the Queen Elizabeth. If this was 2016, there would be thousands of family members there waiting, but back in 1945, train travel was expensive and arrival ships (and dates) often changed. So after they got off the boat, they'd get a train ticket then go to Western Union to send a "I'm back - see you Tuesday!" telegram.

History In Pictures ‏ The liner "Queen Elizabeth" bringing American troops into NY Harbor at the end of WW II, 1945

Isadora Duncan (May 26, 1877 - September 14, 1927), dancer.  The mother of modern dance.  Died when the scarf she was wearing became wrapped in the wheels of the car she was riding in.  She was thrown from the vehicle and strangled.

Isadora Duncan (May 1877 - September dancer. The mother of modern dance. She was thrown from the vehicle and strangled.

Brаndenburg Gate: A massive traffic jam on the first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin Wall. (1989)

GERMAN REUNIFICATION Traffic blocks the road near the Brandenburg Gate as Germans cross freely from East to West after the fall of the Berlin Wall in

Betty Compson 1920s

Movie Still Photographs, Biography and Filmography of Silent Film Star Betty Compson

Wow how far the government is going

Coal miners crammed into a coal mine elevator, coming up after a hard day of work. Not the greatest working conditions :-/

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How come I've never seen this photo? 171 windows Terrorist attack World Trade Center in New York, in this Sept. 2001 The World Trade Center Complex, i. Ground Zero, from the Millenium Hilton Hotel


1963 - March Last prisoners leave Alcatraz. Kennedy ordered the penitentiary closed. That year, the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, on land, opened as the replacement facility for Alcatraz.

Isadora Duncan, liberty of the dance. Libertad de la danza

Isadora Duncan, la libertad de la danza

Ein eigenes Zimmer – Wikipedia

25 January 1882 – 28 March was an English author, essayist, publisher, and writer of short stories, regarded as one of the foremost modernist literary.

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dancer Isadora Duncan as first fairy - c. 1896 - William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream - Photo by Baker Art Gallery