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Zaha Hadid design for Melissa.

Zaha Hadid Designed Sandals

3Dプリントシューズ ユナイテッドヌード

Young Shoe от гонконгского архитектора Майкл Янг / Young Shoe by Hong Kong-based architect Michael Young

When architects design shoes, my heart explodes. FLAMES / Zaha Hadid. Image Courtesy of United Nude

Zaha Hadid's 3D Printed Flame Heels Among 5 Designs to Re-Invent the Shoe

united nude and systems collaborate during milan design week 2015 for the 're-inventing shoes' exhibition, with designs by zaha hadid, fernando romero, ross lovegrove, ben van berkel and michael young.

Bitoni Says 3D Printing Is Stagnant?

World-famous designer Francis Bitoni declared in an interview with Dezeen that he believes the current state of printing is stagnant.

A computer generated necklace by DOUGLAS BUCCI-USA (the process is called rapid prototyping)

A computer generated necklace by DOUGLAS BUCCI-USA (the process is called rapid prototyping)

Attempting Utopia | Hint Fashion Magazine

Brooklyn designer Francis Bitonti (an architect turned designer) used a mathematical model to “grow” pairs of shoes with gradients of color using a printer.


MIT Designer Creates 3D Printed Clothing Inspired By Mythology & Biology [Pics

Cool Wearables - The founder of the Material Ecology Design Lab designed a line of wearable items

Dezeen's top picks from Central Saint Martins graduates 2015

Dezeen's Dan Howarth selects his favourite collections from the 2015 crop of Central Saint Martins BA Fashion graduates

Classic Serpent shoe 3D Printed on Stratasys Connex3 by Michaella Janse van Vuuren, via Behance

Classic Serpent shoe Printed on Stratasys by Michaella Janse van Vuuren, via Behance

If we’re going to make it in space exploration we’re going to need spacesuits that provide an unlimited supply of oxygen, energy, food and water. To achieve that we’re going to need more than oxygen bottles and waste management, we’ll need suits that actually produce fuel for us and these bacteria-filled, 3D-printed vests could be the ticket. Inside the suits are thousands of cavities where special bacteria and algae feed off sunlight or waste and produce critical elements we need to…

Otaared, Mercury’s Wonderer

Anouk Wipprecht integrates parking sensors and headlights into 3D-printed fashion collection

In this movie, Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht tells us about the digital tools she used to create a collection of interactive dresses for Audi.

3D printed shoes by Iris van Herpen and Rem D Koolhaas

printed shoes >>> Iris van Herpen + Rem D Koolhaas >>> The shoes were presented at Paris Fashion Week during Iris van Herpen's couture show.