Even as an old man, Zuko is still perturbed by the concept of honor.>>>he named his child after it, I would think so

Zuko: *hits button* *stabs button* *begs button* *cries as the button finally works*

Best of tumblr: Avatar

Prince Zuko, in the future, when he has regained his Honor, in Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Zuko all grown up and now Fire Lord of the fire nation. Honor not only regained but also a strong friendship with Avatar Aang.

Because Zuko knows honor when he sees it.<----pinning for that comment <----- pinning for the first comment, but also want to say this: most of the others consider themselves her family. They respect and love her, but they're not gonna bow.

Zuko gets it. Notice its only Zuko. Zuko is the only one there who was part of the Gaang and saw what Aang went through as the young Avatar.

-"Sometimes I feel really evil for laughing at all the honor jokes, but I'm sorry, they never get old."-

Avatar the Last Airbender: what proud parents!of course, they made a 'Zuko's honor' joke in this too.

I have plently of HONOR!!

I think the Wan part should be smaller. This is the first time I have seen a Wan pun.