Newborn Giraffe

Newborn Giraffe

The tallest baby in the world has just been born at Paignton Zoo in England: a Rothschild's Giraffe calf, standing at nearly six feet tall! The as yet unnamed and unsexed calf was born to mother Janica and father Yoda.

Momma giraffe having a tender moment with junior - Wild baby animals

Baby Giraffe

I Can Haz Kisses!

Baby Giraffe Kiss >>> I love Giraffe's and I know you do too!

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Baby giraffe Bine, born April licks the nose of her aunt Andrea at Friedrichsfelde Zoo in Berlin - giraffe kisses!

Masai Giraffes

zooborns: “ Help Name Disney’s Giraffe Calf “ A male Masai Giraffe calf born earlier this month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom needs a name! ” Go to ZooBorns to find out how to help name this calf!

Adorable Zoo Animals You MUST See!

GIRAFFES ARE TOO CUTE! Cofi's name in Swahili means “born on Friday” (which she was) and her arrival at Tampa's Busch Gardens brings the park’s reticulated giraffe population to (Courtesy Busch Gardens) From: See the 35 Cutest Zoo Babies of


Animals March Madness, Round One: Giraffes Vs. Elephants

This is the face of a one-month-old baby giraffe. Hello baby giraffe, I love you.