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Boda de Italia y Alemania - ¡buena esa Japón!

Hetalia Yaoi Germany X Italy (GerIta) Wedding The Japan face xD japan is a super fundashi

The many stages of Iggy and I's relationship.

I just absolutely ADORE this pic!like I can't even articulate how much I LOVE this pic!

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(gerita why must you consume my life? ) Thank you for making me realize that... you can ship anything. ( chicken x dog, maybe ?)

UHM-- GAWD, I'm so new to Fanpop sorry-- I'm trying to get used to posting stuff and stuff so yeah. :T Have some Gerita I found somewhere one upon a time.Wallpaper and background photos of Kiss It Better for fans of Hetalia-Gerita images.

GERMANY'S MAID FETISH IS REAL << OH MY GODS HAHAHAHA okay so do you think seeing italy dressed as a girl maid gave him flashbacks to hre cause i totally think so <<have u guys forgot the time where he was like let's show our ducks no girls around?

/Axis Powers: Hetalia/#1067037 - Zerochan GerIta                           kfkzkdjiskdskixwkiajdjsixjex I SHIP IT!!!

[APH] Short Dou # 07

/Axis Powers: Hetalia/ - Zerochan GerIta<<<<< I liked this guy one time and started calling him Germany. I have red hair.

SweFin Wedding

SuFin and Sealand. <--- Their absolutely hands down the happiest pair in the world.<---- They are absolutely hands down the only canon gay ship in Hetalia besides for Russia and Lithuania