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Wonderland Landscape Photography Never Seen Before - Atomic Cloud by Hendrik Tio

This cloud looks like a DOVE in fight to me!

Weird and strange clouds – Lenticular clouds - Amazing Data

sky hole

Cloud Hole Credit: Alan Sealls, chief meteorologist, WKRG-TVAn example of a hole-punch cloud created as a jet airplane or turboprop plane flew through a cloudy layer and caused precipitation to fall out.

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NWS Northern Indiana Sun and Clouds Beautiful crepuscular rays (top) from May 30 Photo courtesy Bob Hammitt

sunset-marco5-2014.jpg (3872×2592)

sunset-marco5-2014.jpg (3872×2592)

2dyVd7m.jpg (600×450)

2dyVd7m.jpg (600×450)

beautiful-clouds-in-mountain-and-traci-willemse-0011.jpg (3648×2736)

beautiful-clouds-in-mountain-and-traci-willemse-0011.jpg (3648×2736)

7art-00020_beautiful-cloud.jpg (550×412)

7art-00020_beautiful-cloud.jpg (550×412)

Featured Image - Clouds over Lake Okeechobee - by Kim Seng via Flickr. The sky is the abstract and uniform canvas of our world. Depending on the perspective, this canvas can be a source of inspiration or a monotonous background. As a photographer, it is very... #nature #photography #scenery

9 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds - bt images

Carpathian Mountings , W Ukraine,

Beautiful and Unique Cloud Formation (Thunderhead), Hurricane Ridge, Washington

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Aerial View of Towering Cumulus Clouds at Sunset

clouds_rays.jpg (800×603)

clouds_rays.jpg (800×603)

“I perceive God everywhere in His works. I sense Him in me; I see Him all around me.”  ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Reference/Symbol: Heaven was the translation of Himmel . Himmel Street was a beautiful place, sometimes. Death often wondered why anyone would bomb a street that meant heaven.

"my limerence for you will never fade"-m.