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Nissan Silvia S15 That paint job though!

asdfghjkl holy shit this is heaven i want this so damn bad im pretty sure i just came in my panties.O Nissan Silvia

500px / Nissan Silvia (S13) Rocket bunny by Alexander Ulanov

Photograph Nissan Silvia Rocket bunny by Alexander Ulanov on

Nissan 240SX I like -

Japanese can be proud of their car making technology cos these cars are super popular all over the world!

1989 Nissan 240Sx Right View

This 1989 Nissan hold true to what it was back in down to the engine. Modern JDM goodies have been added like a SARD Sports EX intake, A'PEXi N! exhaust, turbo and more. Check it out here at Super Street Magazine