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Amy Brown's Autumn Fairy Queen Statue LIMITED

13 Moons - Online Shopping for Altar Supplies, Candles, Wands & more

13 Moons - Online Shopping for Altar Supplies, Candles, Wands &


DeviantArt member Susan Justice is a digital artist who is able bring to life fairies, mermaids, dragons, elves and everything in between.

random facts, I don't know if all of these are true, but if it is then cool!

I pinned this for the rosy lipped baitfish. Lol I didn't know my grandma had an underwater doppelgänger

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Kali, Bright Fire of Truth, the Complete Circle of Destruction and Creation

I got: Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld! What Greek Goddess Are You?

What Greek Goddess Are You?

I got: Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld! Actually she's the goddess of spring time! I'm so mad what kind of stupid head made this quiz? What Greek Goddess Are You?

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017 Collection Photos - Vogue

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017 Fashion Show


Nene Thomas Fairy Art brought to you by The Fairy Gathering, online art gallery of the world's most talented faery artists.

Hey, Green. You are like an every fish's  type of fish. You have that "mostly happy" vibe, and you have a fair amount of friends. Everyone you aren't friends with, you're just nice to. You like to tale, but not a disrespectful amount. Once in a while, though, you may have a nervous breakdown like every other fish. This is the actual colour of my mermaid tail, ha go figure.

What Color Mermaid Tail Do You Have?

You got red as your mermaid tail color! You are witty and good with jokes, and you are very intelligent. You can sometimes be hotheaded.

You are the Kind Wind Queen! You love to help others, and are always looking after someone or something. You are very social, and love a good conversation. You are patient with confused people, kind to annoying people and all around a good person. You don't like to fight, but when need be, your weapon is the classic bow and arrow.

Which Element Queen Are You?

angels, fairies, mermaids and witches cross stitch (42 p.) | Learning Crafts is facilisimo.com

angeles, hadas, sirenas y brujas en punto de cruz

Last night I tried out a natural DIY hair mask. This mask contained the ultimate ingredients for super healthy hair: Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein, the high amount of protein from the raw egg help…