El Universo Newspaper / Capacítate 6: Pin, 2

Print AD Client: El Universo Newspaper Title: Pins Copy: 'Place your business on the map'

Pack Up Your Internet

Beeline Kazakhstan: Go, 1 Advertising Agency: RED, Almaty, Kazakhstan Creative Director: Kachanovsky Stanislav Art Directors: Peter Storozhenko, Doniyor Mamanov Copywriter: Saltanat Tulendinova Illustrator: Doniyor Mamanov Published: February 2014

El Universo: Coloque seu negócio no mapa

El Universo: Coloque seu negócio no mapa


Une adorable campagne print pour des casques de cyclistes

These Adorable Print Ads for Nutcase Helmets Show Protective Headgear Through Time – Adweek

Agency: Koenig & PartnersClient: El Universo NewspaperCreative Director: César Sepúlveda / Fabián MartínezArt Director: Freddy Agostini / Santiago Landaburu / Fabián MartínezCopywriter: Juan Carlos Encalada / Rubén Sáenz / César Sepúlveda3D Modeling:…

El Universo: This wonderfully creative ad is simple, relevant and full of life all at the same time. Using the reverse tear drop shape familiar to maps, this ad speaks volumes about making yourself known.

Encore une bonne idée venue de deux étudiants, qui prouvent que la publicité a de beaux jours devant elle ! Pour l’agence de voyage CVC Travel agency, ces deux jeunes brésiliens de l’université de Fortaleza ont imaginé cette campagne print bien pensée, qui pousse le consommateur a explorer le monde qu’il peut seulement apercevoir à …

Une campagne print brillante qui vous incite à explorer le monde derrière les réseaux sociaux !

CVC Travel agency: The world is outside, 1 Advertising School: Universidade de Fortaleza (UNIFOR), Fortaleza, Brazil Art Director: Jonathan Cruz Copywriter: Icaro Augusto

Rabita Bank - AD by Black Brother, via Behance

Rabita Bank approached us to create a visual kei - theirs product aimed at business development. We have developed a print and slogan for a business loan.

Colgate "Mouth", the cover for Lürzer's Archive Vol.3/2014 from Y&R/Red Fuse, New York. Digital wizardry by Chilean illustrator Ricardo Salamanca.  "A very original, striking and wonderfully executed ad campaign that manages to integrate the product in a relevant matter and happens to provide us with a cover quite unlike any we’ve had in many years," says Editor-in-Chief Michael Weinzettl.   #advertising #colgate #y&r #lurzersarchive

Advertising Agency: Y&R RedFuse, New York, USA - Colgate Total: Mighty Mouth - Art Directors: Marco Walls, Hernan Ibañez

Sony veste fones de ouvido de grandes músicos

The Print Ad titled Sony Earphone: Jimi Hendrix was done by Welcomm Publicis Worldwide Seoul advertising agency for product: Sony Earphone (brand: Sony) in South Korea.

Advertising done right - Hard to look at, but very realistic, effective, definitely gets the point across.

Advertising Done Right

Funny pictures about This Is How You Create Conscientiousness . Oh, and cool pics about This Is How You Create Conscientiousness . Also, This Is How You Create Conscientiousness photos.

adcollector:  JWT (USA)

A few years back, New York ad agency JWT came up with this brilliantly creative campaign for razor company Schick. To illustrate "the power of four," they created a razor so sharp, it even shaves the hair off tattoos! Clever and creative.

30 Most Creative Print Ads

30 Most Creative Print Ads