Panama - Most hotels and restaurants in Bocas town are on the water, like the brightly painted Hotel Bocas del Toro, center.

Panama Photos: Bocas del Toro's Beaches, Jungles and Hotels

Columbus landed there. Graham Greene made it on his third try. For our December 2012 issue, Peter Stevenson fell under the laid-back spell of the islands of the Bocas del Toro.Read more: The Seductively Sleepy Islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro Panama

Koko Resort is an oceanfront bed and breakfast for sale in Bocas del Toro Panama. Main house & 6 over the water cabins. Operating business showing a profit.

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My Family Adventure: Sailing in San Blas, Panama with kids: Victoria and her family take a catamaran trip to discover the magical, untouched San Blas Islands in Panama.

Family Adventure: Sailing in San Blas, Panama

Everything you need to know about travelling to Panama with your family from where to go and what to do, to our favourite restaurants and activities.

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24 scenes of Kuna indian culture and untouched islands in the San Blas archipelago

Our 2 week itinerary in Panama: Panama City, San Blas Islands and Bocas del Toro

2 Week Panama Itinerary: Panama City, San Blas & Bocas

Our 2 week Panama itinerary: Panama City, San Blas Islands and Bocas del Toro. Find out what we did, where we stayed and tips for your own Panama itinerary

Evening Beauty --  Panama    The Bocas del Drago shoreline at sunset. The late afternoon sun gave some great lighting for this pic. A bird rests on a nearby rock.

The Bocas del Drago shoreline at sunset, Panama. Bocas del Toro (meaning "Mouth of the Bull") is a province of Panama.

San Blas Islands

Central America probably won’t appeal to all travelers, just those interested in nature and outdoor activities, relaxing on white sand beaches, hiking through tropical jungles and rainforests,

Coral Surfing in Panama

Aquatic Adrenaline Seeking: Coral Surfing in Bocas del Toro