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Totalitarismo, 2012 / Padlocks, silverplate metal structures and only one key in gold / Variable dimensions

Totalitarismo, 2012 / Padlocks, silverplate metal structures and only one key in gold / Variable dimensions

Proceso para convertirse en una burbujita freixenet ;-)

MichaelO — worx - MichaelO aka Michael Oswald is a digital artist based in California. His works are mainly digital paintings! NEXT LEVEL digital paintings!

"Curved reflective facade / #architecture #facade"  The curves have a natural beauty about them, something organic and interesting. I want my space to have a contemporary yet decorative exterior.

Beautiful photograph capturing the reflection and curvature of the facade of 8 Spruce Street / Beekman Tower in Lower Manhattan, New York by architect Frank Gehry, 2011 / by Frank Wächter .

Electrifying 3D Ensembles : Iris van Herpen Spring Couture 2013

Electrifying Ensembles - The Iris van Herpen Spring Couture 2013 Defines Novel Garment Silhouette (GALLERY)

Under My Skin by MichaelO on DeviantArt

Digital artist Michael Oswald describes his art as 'photo manipulation on steroids'. He transforms photographs into beautiful illusions including this robotic woman, pictured.

Таинственные коллажи от Antonio Mora

A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

Краска Levis: "Высокая мода для ваших стен"

CHRISTOPHER GILBERT PHOTO MANIPULATION These girls are extremely beautiful and sexy. Photographer Christopher Gilbert makes us love this combination of beauty and photo-manipulation.

Eden Wasabi Chips....... I can literally feel this. I've had sour candy that will do this to me.

Eden Wasabi Chips - Slogan: Crisp and Fiery Hot, Message: Wakes you up with every bite.

Aquarius - The Water Barer

my obsession for painting becomes Blue.:) Shed the clothes that become my skin by Christophe Gilbert

Surrealistic Horror

This is a creepy photo manipulation. Just thinking about a hand coming out of the bottom eyelid gives me the chills. I really like the detail work of this. the shadowing behind the hand is done really well.