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Salvi Pride ....glad to have my roots in such a beautiful country

Where my parents were born, El Salvador, is my favorite vacation spot. The first time I went there I would never forget.

El Salvador -land of fine coffees, gold and silver . From Duke Digital Collections. Collection: Ad*Access

TACA Airways System’s El Salvador – El Salvador -land of fine coffees, gold and…

Pipil girl, El Salvador. That's my tribe...right there!!!!

Pipil, El Salvador - Flower and Fronds Fair, a religious celebration of devotion towards the Virgin Mary.

Indigenous Pipil Women of El Salvador.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas - Indigenous Salvadoran Pipil women dancing in the traditional Procession of Palms, Panchimalco in El Salvador.

Entrada a Sensuntepeque, Cabañas, El Salvador...¡el pueblo en que nació mi madre!

I cant wait to see this sign! Sensuntepeque and San Salvador, El Salvador